Blurred Lines


If I learned anything during my countless hours of scouring the internet for the latest and most trend driven designs imaginable is that there is more than enough styles to go around. When someone asks if this modern, I simply reply…. IS IT?



Why limit yourself to one design style and the components that accompany it when you can mix styles, materials and textures to create your own innovative artistic space. I have found the most exciting and beautiful spaces are a mix of various design elements.



The market is flooded with options to mix colors and patterns together that were once unheard of. I find experimenting with finishes and colors that are unconventional to the common eye are the most admired renovations. They bring an element of surprise to an already stylish design.



So next time you’re renovating a space take a chance mixing design styles! Remember all materials and designs can be interpreted and manipulated to fit into any design idea.



by Anthony Cotugno

General Manager

Richmond Tile & Bath