Pattern, Pattern, and More Patterns…


A very exciting new trend we are seeing in 2016 is Patterned tile. This year most Porcelain tile manufacturers have a line that consists of some form of pattern, whether it is continuous where all the tiles are placed together and create one uniform pattern, or they are a “patchwork” style where you have may different patterns randomly put together to mimic a quilt like affect. The beginning of using patterned tiles started in the mid 1800’s, they made tiles out of cement, and painted them with brightly colored patterns. Creating some of the most ornate and layered designs ever seen. Against popular belief using pattern in a bathroom or any space in the home does not close in the area..

collage with images inspired by patterns for tile


Actually it is the contrary.


When creating a space either vertically ( on a wall) or Horizontally ( on a floor) with a pattern, you visually cannot see where there is a beginning or an end… so it seems infinite. Also adding pattern to your space creates a focal point, a point of interest… It can highlight a specific area, whether it is behind the vanity, or a fireplace wall. It also gives the option of using something that does not look like “typical tile”.. so for people who want to design a bathroom like any other room in the home it’s a wonderful option to almost create a “wallpaper” affect. Patterned tile can be used in both modern applications as well As traditional. For example in a modern atmosphere you can use a large graphic patch work pattern in muted tones as a feature wall; and in a traditional application you could use a smaller more cement looking tile on a floor in a brightly colored pattern.


"The idea of bringing pattern, and color back to tile is an exciting thought"

Hopefully we are going to say goodbye to the years of using tile in solid earth tone colors, with little variations. We will embrace the excitement of adding color, and pattern to the spaces we surround our selves with… and don’t forget… Don’t be afraid of patterns , even using multiple patterns…. Think of it as adding layers and making your space seem more exciting and organic.


Katelyn Dessner

Showroom and Design Coordinator at Richmond Tile and Bath